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中国素质教育的典范,Common Lisp 程序员,毽球运动员,跆拳道黑带一段,业余语言学家。

  • 公司:Glority Software Ltd (2011 - 至今)
  • 地区:浙江 ,杭州
  • 职位:Senior Lisp Programmer


Xu JingTao

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與妻子定居杭州,喜欢陈升的音乐。 我们都像农夫一样在不停地耕耘,一个耕耘音乐,一个耕耘程序。



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  • cl-rewrite –– Program transformation and generative programming tools for CL.
  • peval –– Partial Evaluator in Common Lisp.


Eitarow Fukamachi

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網路應用工程師, 1987 年於福岡 (Fukuoka)出生。目前住在京都 (Kyoko)。


  • Clack –– Web application environment
  • Caveman –– A micro web framework
  • cl-dbi –– DB independent interface
  • cl-test-more –– Unit testing framework
  • L5 –– Presentation tool for Lispers
  • cl-markup –– Modern HTML generator

Tomohiro Matsuyama

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  • optima –– Optimized Pattern Matching Library for Common Lisp
  • ruby-parser –– Ruby Parser for Common Lisp


Zach Beane

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Quicklisp –– Quicklisp makes it easy to get started with a rich set of community-developed Common Lisp libraries.

Buildapp –– Create executables with SBCL

ZS3 –– Amazon S3 and CloudFront from Common Lisp

Vecto –– Simple Vector Drawing with Common Lisp

SKIPPY –– Read and write GIF files with Common Lisp

ZPB-TFF –– True Type font file access for Common Lisp

ZPB-EXIF –– access to digital image Exif data for Common Lisp

Salza2 - Create compressed data from Common Lisp

ZPNG - Create PNG files from Common Lisp

François-René Rideau

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Author of Google Common Lisp Style Guide, work @ Google Inc.

Josh Marchán

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  • sheeple –– Cheeky prototypes for Common Lisp
  • chanl –– Portable channel-based concurrency for Common Lisp
  • chillax –– CouchDB abstraction layer for Common Lisp
  • squirl –– Common Lisp port of the Chipmunk 2d physics library

Nikodemus Siivola

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  • screamer –– Screamer is an extension of Common Lisp that adds support for nondeterministic programming.
  • esrap –– Common Lisp packrat parser
  • sb-daemon –– Process daemonization for SBCL.
  • SBCL –– Some of my SBCL stuff, pending merging into the official tree. Any and all branches may be rebased/reset semi-randomly, so be warned!
  • sb-cga –– Computer graphics algebra library for SBCL

Vsevolod Dyomkin


  • cl-redis –– Redis client for Common Lisp
  • cl-mongrel2 –– Interface to mongrel2 web-server
  • rutils –– Reasonable Utilities Package for Common Lisp
  • cl-nlp –– Common Lisp NLP Toolset
  • cl-who –– Forked version of Edi Weitz's HTML generator with support for macro definition

Brit Butler


  • colesaw –– Flexible Lisp Blogware
  • cl-6502 –– A 6502 emulator in Lisp.
  • clockwork –– A clone using Weblocks
  • colorize –– A Syntax Highlighting library

John Fremlin

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teepeedee2 –– Fast webserver for dynamic pages

Edi Weitz

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Franz Inc.

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  • cl-python –– An implementation of Python in Common Lisp
  • aserve –– AllegroServe, a web server written in Common Lisp
  • agraph-java-client –– The AllegroGraph client interface
  • imap –– POP, IMAP and SMTP client support for Common Lispers
  • net-xml-generator –– A Pretty Printing XML Generator for Common Lisp